Lapidary Service - (Our Gemstone Hospital).

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  •  *  Top Quality Lapidary Service that you can depend on.
  •  *  Cutting & Fitting gems stones to precisely fit your casting.
  •  *  Re-polishing facet worn gems back to perfection.
  •  *  Re-faceting damaged gemstones back to life.
  •  *  Special cutting from our rough material to create a match with your submitted
  •     gemstone.
  •  *  Inlaying Opal, Onyx and other material into your casting.
  •  *  Drilling a hole(s) into your material.
  •  *  Counter sinking tube settings into your stones.
  •  *  Re-cutting our gemstones to the exact size required.
  •  *  Expert evaluation of any job with advice as to the best approach to re-cutting a
  •     damaged gemstone.
  •  *  You can submit images of a project with details for an estimate prior to sending
  •      it in.
  •  *  Clear direct detailed communication with every job large or small.
  •  *  Typically 4-5 business days turn around.

Some things to keep in mind when submitting a job:

Make sure the casting is ready for the new stone to be fit in before sending it to us. Bezels or prongs should be open and any old material completely removed so that the space is ready for a perfect fit.
Inlayed stones will be epoxied into the casting during the lapidary process.

When submitting a stone to be re-polished or re-faceted, please advise us of any specifics.
For example like a desire to maintain the maximum size, a depth, a thick girdle or if you only want the top of your gemstone worked on and not the bottom.

Please be advised that gemstones must be removed from their mountings in order to be worked on.
When receiving your stone for re-polishing or re-faceting, we will examine it for internal feathers, fissures, inclusions and cracks. If we determine the risk of it breaking during the lapidary process is high, we will advise you against proceeding. Please understand that re-faceting or re-polishing involves friction, and friction creates heat. Materials expand with heat, and if severely included, have more of a chance of breaking. Though we make every effort to avoid any breakage (and we have had very little breakage over the years), we are not responsible for a stone breaking during the lapidary process. This is a risk that you must take on. Regardless no one wants to avoid a broken stone more than we do so as mentioned above we will take every effort to avoid such an unlikely occurrence.

Due to the heat involved please keep in mind that certain gemstone material can lose its color and clarity depending on the particular stone's intensity of treatment. An emerald for instance will expand and loose some of the oil treatment that was originally applied to it. This could result in the stone's appearance to change. Again this is a risk that we would advise you of before proceeding.

When ordering a stone to be specially cut, please include all dimensions including depth. Let us know if you want a thin or thick girdle, or a large or small table. We maintain a very detail orientated approach so as to insure your satisfaction with the end result. Though we always strive perfection, a 2 tenth of a mm tolerance up or down will need to be accepted.
Gemstones that are custom cut are not returnable.